Official Election Results
November 7, 2017 Election
This report created: Monday, Nov 13, 2017 03:06:56 PM
This report created: Lawrence Kestenbaum - County Clerk/Register

    Ann Arbor City Council 1
    Ann Arbor City Council 2
    Ann Arbor City Council 3
    Ann Arbor City Council 4
    Ann Arbor City Council 5
    City of Chelsea Mayor
    City of Chelsea Council Member
    City of Dexter Mayor
    City of Dexter Council Member
    City of Milan Mayor
    City of Milan Council Member
    City of Milan Library Board
    City of Saline Council Member
    County Proposal
    Sharon Twp Proposal
    Webster Twp Proposal
    CAFA Proposal
    Lincoln Schools Operating Millage Renewal
    Lincoln Schools Millage Renewal Recreation & Playgrounds
    Northville Schools Proposal
    Saline Schools Sinking Fund Proposal
    Saline Schools Millage Recreation & Playgrounds
    WISD Proposal